Saturday, April 18, 2009

Children's books & Old Friends....

After much consideration and encouragement from my friends/family, I have started illustrations for a children's book I am writing, had the story idea in my head for the past year, so it is quite easy to sketch out the illustrations I want to have in the book....will probably take a few months to complete, then I will submit it for copyright, then post on my website and perhaps look for a publisher, but that is a bit too far ahead for me to think right now! Also, found a very old/dear friend on myspace and facebook, been catching up with her as I have not seen her for the better part of the past 25-30 years! Can't believe it was the early 80's since I last saw her! Time sure does fly.....

much love,


Peter Lee said...


I'm sure your children's book will turn out to be awesome!
Your drawing style is so right for it!
Have fun!!!

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