Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Babblings

I finished two more pages in my book last night. So far, I am just sketching the pages in sequential order (or the chaotic order in my mind) LOL! :D I will have my niece, granddaughters, hubby & sister give me their feedback B-4 I color and add the short paragraphs! This is so fun for me, wish I could actually do something like this for a living! :)

Maybe someday...Ok, done gabbing for now, so I am uploading another of my colorful sketches depicting me and my cool cat Ginger...


Peter Lee said...

Hey, this looks so much fun!
Is that the Lake Merritt behind the house?
Miss it so much...
Does your story have something to do with the lake? - shhhhhhhh (it's a secret, isn't it?)
Love your style - fun clouds, cute cat, and love the sail boats too.
Keep it up! I'm sure it's gonna be great!

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