Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunday my hubby and I were walking around the lake and found a wallet. I looked thru the many cards in the wallet to find an i.d. card and finally found it. We then went to the address on the i.d. card and rang the buzzer on the door, no one answered. We ran our errands and came back a few hours later, still no luck...I then ran a zabasearch and there came up the same address as on this person's i.d. and there was a phone number. I called the number and got that horrible screechy screech one gets when trying to call a fax machine! This was no good, so I sat there for a bit, wondering how I was ever going to find this person! I then absent mindedly began rummaging thru the business cards in his wallet and randomly picked one to call. Luckily the person I contacted was a social friend of his, so she emailed him and he called me later that evening. I met him the next day outside a public grocery store and returned his wallet! Man, I was happy! Floating down the street, feeling as if the gods of good karma were smiling upon me! :) I went a few more places that day, and bought myself a goody (chocolate cake!) Then much later that evening, I was digging thru my wallet to fish out money to put into my niece's birthday card, and I found a two dollar bill in my wallet!!! WOW! I was stoked as I have always heard they are as lucky as ladybugs and I took it as a good sign for sure! :)


Peter Lee said...

what a great story - I like the ending too!
Peter the artist.

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